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Unlike half-dome designs, NexDome is a classic observatory dome with more than 100 degrees of shutter opening, allowing you to point your telescope to the zenith while remaining shielded from stray light and wind.

Nexdomes unique dome wheels are installed at two different angles. An upright set of wheels bears the weight of the dome and provides for rotation, while a second set of wheels keeps the dome from shifting, resulting in smoother rotation. The second set of wheels, in conjunction with the domes angle lip, provides critical protection from uplift in high winds.

The 2.2 meter inside diameter provides plenty of space to operate up to a 14 Schmidt Cass or a refractor 1400mm long.

Nexdomes higher walls make entry easier and provide more room for longer telescope tubes compared to conventional domes.

Shipping costs are reduced due to the nesting of parts, and thus smaller shipping packages.

The NexDomes light weight makes motorizing the dome easier.

Structure and enclosure materials are combined, resulting in fewer parts.

Thanks to patented design, there is no need of any caulking or weather stripping at the joints

Images Captured with Sidereal Trading Equipment

Carina Nebula By Diego Colonnello

NexDome at VicSouth By Neil Creek

ASI290MM Jupiter by Mark Justice