Custom Asset Tags – Metal Ass Labels

• Just like our top selling AlumiGuard tags, PlioGuard features embedded print, numbers, barcodes, and superior durability. Annealing increases the tags flexibility and gives you more options of where to apply your tags.

• Adhesive fuses tags to equipment. Choice of high performance 3M adhesives.

• Looking for more? Check out our larger library of annealedtemplates.

Tamperproof and conformable, these aluminum tags prevent miscreants from transfering it from one asset to another.

Select a size for your label. You will be able to select a design, change color, personalize text and specify your numbering on the next page.

Step 2: Select Numbering / Bar Code

. We recommend Barcodes.Why? You can always decide later.

Multipart Asset Tags with Numbering

Most customers use barcodes on their asset tags and labels. Here are the reasons:

There is no cost to add barcodes to your labels at the outset. In contrast, imagine the cost to retrofit all of your assets, instruments or inventory that you track!

Even though you may not have barcode reading equipment now, it is likely that that you may purchase this in the future. The costs are dramatically decreasing (under $25 each). Barcode software is also easy. For many barcode readers, just plug the scanner into a USB port and you will immediately be able to start to scan barcodes. iPhone and Android barcode reading applications are also available for free! Barcodes are also a great way to leverage our own free tracking software, AssetTiger.

Barcodes eliminate errors and speed data entry. Barcodes are ideal for a quick inventory counts and asset tracking audits.

Your labels or asset tags will likely outlast your equipment. Moreover, the labor to install a label, such as an asset tag, is usually more costly than the actual tag itself. As a result, the trend to durable barcode labels and asset tags will only accelerate.

All asset tags are available in a variety of text colors.

You will be able to choose tag color on next page.