Online Custom Tags on OneNote li

Allow users to modify and add Custom tags in the web app just like the desktop app. Also, the web app tags should Sync with the desktop tags.

Without custom tags, I need to stick to Evernote

Custom tags is one of the primary features I use in OneNote. I hate to see the new OneNote Online doesnt have the option. It makes the app much less appealing, and if OneNote 2016 features like custom tags arent included then Im likely to ditch OneNote for other apps.

I agree. After categorising by Notebook – Section – Page – Note, I still need Tags so I can find a tagged topic in Notes across Notebooks. Even the ultra-lightweight Google Keep has Labels!

Make Custom Tag options like in Evernote. It is easier while searching for topic.

Im loving onenote – so much easier to navigate than Evernote. Few suggestions (granted I dont have access to normal pc for the next couple of months and reliant on Chrome OS):

– be able to use custom tags and search for tags with onenote online

It seems the windows version has name tag, which the user can create custom tag. But no such function is found for onenote online.

Simply let the user define how they want to tag the note. This will make the searching much more effective.

I would like to be able to customize, personalize the icon in OneNote, and actually all of my icons like I used to do in my Mac.

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