Utopia V1.1 (updated 2016-03-31) V1.1 Change Log -bug fixes -new menu -new load screen -added more weapon camos This map takes place in a small city that

Futurama The Mutant Uprising The Mutants are taking over Planet Express! They have shutdown the power to the ship door. You must find another way to get it

You find yourself on a small island and the tide is rising. It doesnt help that you cant swim. You must find a way get to safety before

Source: all images Story: A squad of four has been sent to investigate a factory-hall previously owned by a company called a(h)tna(ma)s. Even though nobody had

Heart of Ice Created By WhippyTrout Story: Its Christmas Eve In Gotham City and Mr. Freeze has decided to blanket the city in endless winter. Mr. Freeze has

Source: The basic scene of the map is a city called Ripon in England, has been engulfed by a paralysing blizzard 3 days before Christmas day, The

Christmas Warehouse YAW Playthrough: Source: Made for Classic Mode, there may be some issues in other gamemodes. Sorry! The mini-games are quite easy,

YAWs contests Honorable Mention Snowy Ornament is map done by me (HitmanVere) and Ege115. Map was made for YouAlwaysWins contest. This map is small/medium sized and features some

YAW Christmas Contest map. (YAW Footage at the bottom of post) I had a blast making this in such a short time.  A big Thankyou to YAW for

Merry Christmas! This map is a contest submission for the YouAlwaysWin Christmas Mapping contest. The map takes place in a giant snowglobe, which players have to survive in

Greenhouse Survive and Defuse