Aluminium Foil Asset Label

Secure, Track and Identify your Property

If removal is attempted they leave a clearly visible VOID message on the surface of your asset and on the back of the label. Durable polyester with hi-strength acrylic adhesive. Supplied in strips of 10 labels. Minimum Order 300 labels. Choice of four sizes. Choice of white or silver material.Read More

These plates are 0.3mm thick, photographically printed onto the aluminium with your name and sequential number/bar code – then anodised to seal in and totally protect the print from abrasion, chemicals and adverse weather conditions. 3M VHB industrial adhesive or use screws/rivets. Must be fixed to a flat surface. Black print only, one or two lines of text plus sequential bar code and readable number. Minimum Order 300 labels. Choice of two sizes.Read More

0.05mm durable aluminium with 3M hi-tenacity adhesive, suitable for most surface. For indoor/outdoor use. Will withstand temperatures from -40C to +150C. Supplied in strips of 10 labels. Minimum Order 300 labels. Choice of four sizes.Read More

Supplied with your name and text pre-printed, plus space for your own infomration to be added on site. Then, simply remove the lining paper and seal down the lamination for total protection. Supplied in strips of 8 labels. One size. Minimum order 300 labels.Read More

Top quality material backed with a thick, permanent 3M adhesive. Suitable for textured surfaces. Supplied in strips of 10 labels. Minimum Order 300 Labels. Choice of four sizes.Read More

Ultra Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels

Discourage theft, tampering or transfer. These labels are printed on vinyl (NOT paper) and cannot be removed in one place – any attempt to remove will result in the label breaking into small fragments. Strong, permanent 3M adhesive. Minimum Order 300 labels. Choice of four sizes.Read More

A theft deterrent and aid to recovery. Solid aluminium plates with industrial strength adhesive makes it near impossible to remove the plates without damaging the equipment. The plates are printed with a text of your own choice and we recommend including a warning message indicating that the equipent is traceable by the police plus telephone number to contact your company if recovered or left behind in a taxi, train or hotel.Read More

Identify and track small and valuable equipment with these labels with text and variable information laser engraved into the surface for a durable marking Will withstand temperatures from -60C up to 200C. Highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion and harsh environments – even dishwasher proof!Read More

A durable, economic material. Strong, acrylic permanent adhesive. Supplied on Rolls. Minimum Order 300 labels. Choice of four sizes.Read More

Label set for your assets, with one main label (40x30mm) and 2 small labels (20x10mm) suitable for applying to related paperwork or documents. White vinyl, printed in black with your company details, including sequential numbering and bar code, if required. Supplied in strips of 5 label sets. Minimum order 300 labels.Read More

When it comes to small parts tracking, good things do come in small packages. Our Mini Mark labels incoporate a Datamatrix 2D code to identify and track property and to record calibrations and maintenance information in 1/10 of the space of traditional barcodes – and it is still readable even if more than half the label is damaged! A 10mm diameter label can contain 50+ digits!Read More

Aluminium plates and foils with precision printing, sequentially numbered bar codes, including 2D codes, sealed in the aluminium with a protective anodising to provide years of protection against heat, cold, chemicals and abrasion. Intensified images or TeflonĀ® coating is available for extreme environments. Fixed and adhesive or mechanical fasteners through punched holes.Read More

Durable aluminium foil asset labels suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These asset tags give you a high-performance asset labelling solution for extreme heavy duty situations.

Aluminium foilasset labelsuse 0.05mm foil with the best available hi-tenacity powerful adhesive, because of this they willadhere to most surfacesboth high surface energy (HSE) and low surface energy (LSE) plastics, powder coatings and slightly oily metal surfaces.

High-temperature resistance, up to 150C short term, and down to – 40C

Most universal asset label solution to suit most requirements!

For ultimate durability, these foil asset tags are finished with a clear lamination to protect the printed image and are supplied in strips of 10 labels.

Discourage asset label removal with security cuts from Dantech. Shows clear evidence of tampering and deters unauthorised asset transfers.

Security cuts are available for sizes 38x19mm and 50x25mm for just an extra 10% on top of the standard ntactor Call Dantech on 01354 688 488 for more information.

All prices per 100 labels – Min. order 300 labels

Prices are for one colour print, logo if required and sequential numbering/barcode

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