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Create Stunning Online Badges For Free

You would never begin a conversation with, Hello, my name is so why should your badge? Stand out from the crowd with an awesome custom badge designed in Canva. Save the trouble of having to introduce yourself at an event with a badge that says it for you!

We have plenty of layouts and textholders ready to transform into a proper event badge with your moniker emblazoned across it. You can even easily export your badge as a PDF to have it professionally printed. Hows that for a hello?

Are you running an event, competition or even hosting a birthday party? Badges are a versatile item that can make introductions and celebrations that much easier. Get them printed and pin them proudly, or share them with all your friends!

Our searchable stock photo library comes preloaded with your favorite social media icons, so you can instantly drop them into your own badge designs. Theme your social media badges to match the rest of your design so you can stay on-brand or maintain a consistent mirthful tone.

A badge is a first impression. Add custom branding to represent your business with gusto at your next event. Open up your previous Canva designs to borrow images, colors, and fonts to create a badge thats ready to the exhibition hall.

Badges have an infectious quality that makes them perfect to raise brand awareness at an event. Spread the word for your local charity or even an international cause by creating a badge that makes it easy for others to share and show their support.

Make your badge spread even further by allowing folks to edit your design to suit their own website, publication, or storefront. Just click on the share button and check the box so anyone can change your badges background, customize the colors, or whatever else they need to make it display perfectly. Well even handle the hosting.