1(vertical), well made by F. M. LORIOLI FRATELLI MILANO, stamped on pinback base MILANO 727, on the front is SHQIPNIA USHJTAREVE NGALLNJYESA TE ROMES, Goat looking figure, ropes knot, scimitar, and a Roman symbolic Mace, quire

3509GQ – Banque de LAlgerie Cinc Francs & Banque DEtat du Maroc Cinc Francs

Post-Invasion Algerian 5 Franc Note dated November 16, 1942 (Operation Torch ended on the 12th of November), quire

3509BR – pre-WWII, secret Bulgarian Air Force Pilots Badge, know as a Flyers of Tourist Aircraft wing as the Bulgarians were not allowed to have Military Aircraft per WWI Treaties, sometimes given to German Luftwaffe Pilots, found in Weidsbaden, Germany in 1945 by USAAF Pilot, Used…..(

Czechoslovakia Civilian Officer, RFU (probably a RAF Officers style tunic?), Used……(

The Czech RAF Veteran was in/or around Lakewood, Ohio when this shoulder patch was acquired from him by a man living in Ohio.

During WWII the Veterans job had been to assist the Pilots and other Czechs in the RAF with: language, customs, personnel problems and etc (i.e., a Liaison Officer).

He returned to Czechoslovakia after the war; later escaping from the Communists and ending up in the U.S.

The man I bought it from thought it had been worn as a Left SSI on a RAF Officers style tunic.

I purchased this SSI circa 1988 – 1990.

The buyer gets a copy of a hand-printed note outlining the above verbage from the man I bought it from.

SF plastic covered insignia, there is NO Flaw in the blue section-the plastic cover is wrinkled and distorted the image, Used….inquire

6101M – Large ( chest = 52, sleeves = 38, back = 35 ), label reads: PAUWELS_PARIS 199-58, Pull-over Rain Parka with Hood, crotch strap (see below picture), 4 x large Front Pockets with exposed button flaps, drawstrings at: neck, waist, and hem, quire

French Parachutists insignia, quire

UI317 – French Parachutists Badge, Bullion with black backing

Anyone know the era and is it an Issue item?

Insignia of the Fusilliers Commandos de lAir who provide Security and Defense Forces for Air Bases.

The Fusiliers Commandos de lAir (French for Air Infantry and Commando) of Frances Arme de lAir (French Air Force) are equivalent to the United Kingdoms RAF Regiment, Germanys Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe, or the United States Air Forces Security Forces. They are airmen armed and trained as infantry who provide ground defense of air bases, secure forward base areas, Forward Air Control, participate in combat search and rescue missions (CSAR), and Air Assault Infantry.

An Album of photos can be viewed on Picasa photo sharing:

(contains some Excellent pictures of different patches and an overview of operations since 1974 of this detachment)

Many Thanks to a Good Customer who provided this information!

embroidered on a felt backing, (formerly UI355), quire

Imperial Iranian Air Force Pilots Badge

Patch worn by Indian Troops for the Prisoner-of-War exchange, made in Japan, collectors ID label on back, UnUsed……(

( also on Army Ground Forces, 1950 to early-Vietnam page, Commands section )

partial History of India patch

In April 1953, the United Nations and communist negotiators were able to come to the first agreement over POWs, called Operation Little Switch.

Under the agreement, sick and wounded POWs would he exchanged. By June, both sides had agreed to establish a Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission to oversee the return of POWs. Those prisoners who wished to return to their homes were free to do so within sixty days. Those who refused repatriation, or a return to their country, were turned over to the commission, consisting of Indian troops. The troops would protect the POWs for ninety days, during which time communist educators were available in case the POWs wished to change their mind.

Operation Big Switch, the major exchange of POWs, began in August 1953. UN prisoners were turned over to the UN command, and those North Koreans and communist Chinese who wished were permitted to stay in South Korea or go to Formosa(Taiwan).

3508DH – GI Bringback, Iraqi Maroon Beret with Badge

3508DH – Iraqi Maroon Beret with Badge, size 56, mothing (no holes), rust damage on lining (see picture), Used….(

6101N – Cuff rank is 4+ (I understand you can tell the vintage by the length), lining needs a lot of repairs, thread has started to rot and the velvet collar and much of the lining needs to be re-stitched and repaired, 4-5 snags on the outer material, not in bad condition for an old jacket found in a rag-mill, well-used….(

1st Parachute BDE, 2-post, no hallmark, Used…..(

( very loose translation is Sky Flying )

UI Korean DI, 2-post, no hallmark, Used…..(

( this may be a Honorary presentation pin? )

modern Badge with PELON backing material, quire

( W.H. = White Horse Division? )

( I had the Korean characters checked and they translate to something like RECON and etc. )

Older manufacturing style with the off-shade white backing paper, depicts a SCUBA Diver, Ski pole, Sword, Skull with Snake, Master Parachutist, RFU, Never Washed, has been stored folded(crease above ski pole), quire

Characters read: Korean Air Force

Symbol in the badge above crossed-pistols is a Taegeuk, Taiijitu, or Yin and Yang which is on the Korean National Flag

Pelon and scrapbook residue on back, RFU, border has started to fray, maybe from the 1970s(?), quire

UI268 – found with 1950s ROK and U.S. Army items. To me it looks like a Transportation outfit=a Jeep driving down a road at night? Anyone know the ID?

UI306 – Air Combat Group, probably made in Korea, Orange-White survival type parachute canopy, Korean looking dagger, winged flaming torch(school or training?), newspaper on back looks Korean, any ideas on the unit or where made?

Searches on the web come-up with the UK and Australian Air Forces using the term Air Combat Group(?).

Some of the badges below were made for Souvenirs or Samples

All of these are on a Heavyweight black material with a paper-like white backing

Master Parachutists Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Senior Parachutists Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Corporals Basic Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Sergeans Basic Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Sergeant First Class Basic Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

All of these are on a Heavyweight black material with a paper-like white backing

CIB with U.S. Army Basic Jump Badge, quire

CIB with U.S. Army Senior Jump Badge, UnUsed…..inquire

CIB with Korean Master Jump Badge, UnUsed…..inquire

CIB with Korean Senior Jump Badge, UnUsed…..inquire

Basic Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Master Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Senior Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Senior Jump Badge with 2 x Black Stars on Wings and a White Star on lines, UnUsed……inquire

Basic Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Master Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

Senior Jump Badge, UnUsed……inquire

ROK Army Basic Jump Badge, circa 1960s, quire

ROK Army Master Jump Badge, circa 1960s, UnUsed…..inquire

ROK Army Senior Jump Badge, circa 1960s, UnUsed…..inquire

made to resemble an American Basic Jump Badge, UnUsed…..inquire

made to resemble an American Senior Jump Badge, construction looks like Thailand, wide-mesh gauze glued to back, UnUsed…..inquire

made to resemble an American Basic Jump Badge, construction looks like Thailand, wide-mesh gauze glued to back, UnUsed…..inquire

ROK Army Basic Jump Badge, UnUsed…..inquire

ROK Army Master Jump Badge, UnUsed…..inquire

ROK Army Master Jump Badge, UnUsed…..inquire

( formerly listed as UI238, Scans 11, 12, and 13 )

ROKMC – Vietnam era 2nd Marine Brigade Beercan DI

2nd ROK MAR BDE Viet-nam, quire

On April 15, 1949 ROKMC Organized/Activated

as a RECON unit armed mainly with Japanese weapons

After squeezing their Protector for a Billion+ of Military Aid the Koreans agreed to send forces to help in Vietnam

The ROKMC was part of the Forces sent to South Vietnam

Armed Forces of Malta, Task Force, Helicopter Pilots Breast Badge

AFM Bullion Badge for the No. 1 Dress Uniform and

summer equivalent, the No. 3 Dress Jacket Tunic,

worn April 1, 1980 to May 11, 1988, near-New Condition, quire

partial History of the AFMs TF ( 1 and 2 Regiments )

The Armed Forces of Maltas (AFM) Task Force (formerly designated as 1 Regiment) was an autonomous command seperate from other Commands of the AFM.

The TF included: AFMs Air component(the Helicopter Flight), an Infantry Company, a Maritime Squadron, an Airport Security Company (Infantry), an Ammunition/Explosives Depot, and other Units. Circa 1987 part of the Task Force Command was Redesignated 1 Regiment; others to include the: Maritime Squadron, Helicopter Flight, & the Light Air Defence Artillery Unit were Designated 2 Regiment.

Note: During the TFs Era and briefly into their initial life under 2 Regiment the Heli-flight was an all-helo Unit. Much later under 2 Regiment the AFM acquired fixed-wing aircraft.

3509GQ – Banque DEtat du Maroc Cinc Francs

GENEESK. DIENST UnderArc, khaki twill, UnUsed…….inquire

Possibly a RNZAF Chaplains Cap Device(?)

If the NZ and Gold Wreath were not superposed on the Maltese Cross this would be a RAF Chaplains Cap Device?

Came with a USN Aviation Grouping,; Aviator had a VCP-61 DET ZULU patch.

Detachment ZULU was flying from the RNZAF Ohakea Air Base (near Bulls, New Zealand)

(see this patch on the USN VF page)

Maltese Cross(radiator style) on droop UK style wing, mounting posts have been removed, well-construction device, quire

PHILCAGV was mainly an Army Engineer mission

USN and Philippine Air Force(PAF) F-8 Crusader insignias

Philippine Constabulary (Special Forces?)

I purchased this can from Mr. Zimm circa 1990-91…..taken from Afghanistan….he used it as a Sales Model at his Zimmsons Army/Navy Warehouse in Oakland, CA…old surpies will know him

( Has been stored in a cotton bag inside a box for 16 years+/- )

( I have 2-3 more pics – if interested ask for them, if you have a good ISP )

All badges from the same collection

I read the note (undoubtably written by a European due to the style of the Arabic numerals) as: Distinctive Insignia, Fighter Pilot, Republic of Spain 1937

( This note came with the badge when I bought it many years ago )

listed as a Republican Anti-Aircraft badge on this link:


On April 4, 1931 the Provisional Government of the Republic of Spain was proclaimed.

This government was formed by: communists, socialists, anarchists, labor unionists, and etc.

The Republic of Spains Armed Forces were defeated by General Francos Army

IDs from the Book, Elite Forces by Leroy Thompson, page 132

NATO IFOR and 5th Allied Tactical Air Force

5th Allied Tactical Air Force at Vincenza Italy, ran the Air Operations in the former Yugoslavia, Lion of St. Mark PAX is the shield for the city of Venice, Italy, UnUsed…..inquire

If you have an ID or Comment, email:

16 Squadron Royal Saudian Air Force

16 Squadron Royal Saudian Air Force based at Riyadh, C-130 unit, circa Desert Storm or before I would guess, made in SA(?), UnUsed….(sold)

1, hallmarked J. A. PAGANI MILANO, Used….(sold)

Italian(?) Unidentified Items (141-145)

( 5 STORMO C. T. bullion badge moved above )

UI 144 – Eagle Pilots Badge with a G on the eagle….IDd as Bulgarian, see this badge above-on this page

Westinghouse liner – grommet hole not fully punched-out

Pot has extremely-crude Trench art on 4 sides:

Right side has 18 ROP or 18 RDP or ? (it is hard to read and I may be wrong)

I know nothing about French units so it is hard to fill-in the missing-blanks

Front shows the canopy, lines and the wings to the side