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France: Kingdom, Empire, Restoration of Monarchy, Presidency and Republics

Wounded Award for Civilians (Medaille des Blesses Civils de Guerre),

example, mark is faint but it belongs to Arthus Bertrand in Paris. There were considerably less awards to civilians in comparison to the military. Nice gilding and excellent enamel, ribbon shows wear. 35mm in width. A very nice example. Item Fra-289 (115)

Complete with original ribbon and silver star device. Bronze, fine quality. 38mm wide.

NEW!War Cross, WW1. 1914-1918. Complete with original ribbon and bronze star device. Bronze, fine quality. 38mm wide.ItemFra-287 (44)

NEW!War Cross, WW1. 1914-1915; type G.Complete with original ribbon and palm device. Bronze, fine quality. 38mm wide.ItemFra-286 (48)

Colonial Public Works Medal for long/loyal service

Medaille Travaux Publics de France, dAlgerie et des Colonies por longes at loyaux services

Medal of honour for the Railroad workers, 2nd type (1939 – 1953) – silver class

. Silvered bronze. Original ribbon, medal in good condition. Named to: J. HILLOUAN 1939. Hard to find with the first year of this issue type. 32mm dia. Original ribbon.

Great War, War Cross hard backed barette.

Full size, 38mm wide. Slight wear. Item Fra-272 (8)

WW2 Croix de Guerre (War Cross) with large star device,

shows age and wear, regulation sized (37mm). Metal backed with twin locking stick pins. Hard to find on its own. Item Fra-271 *SOLD*

Medaille Militaire (Military Medal).

Dixmude barette (WW1/WW2 period). Slight wear. Item Fra-270 *SOLD*

, Grand Officers hard backed barette (ribbon bar) by Arthus Bertrand in Paris. Full sized (38mm). Excellent condition, pin fastener. Item Fra-269 (16)

, a nice (period) hard backed barette with 3 stars. Shows age and wear. Item Fra-268 (14)

Order of the Honey Bee (ORDRE MOUCHE A MIEL), medal in gilt (Vermeil). This obscure award has a pretty long history. Originally founded in 1703 as an award for personal gratitude byAnne-Louise Bndicte de Bourbon, Duchess of Maine. She was the daughter of Henri Jules de Bourbon, Prince of Cond and Anne Henriette of Bavarian Palatinate. Order was given to both men and women, originally limited to 40 Knights. Registrars (Almanach) was kept and recipients were asked to swear 7 vows (of obedience, fidelity etc.). Members appear to have been of the fairly influential social spheare, one of the better known was Voltaire. It is unknown in what capacity this semi-Dynastic fraternity survived but awards were definitely made into the early years of 20th Century.

Circular inscription to obverse: L.BAR. D. SC. D. P. D. L. O. D. L. M. A. M. which stands for : Ludovise Baronne de Sceaux,Dictatrice Perptuelle de lordre de la Mouche miel. Reverse featuring small honey bee flying towards a hive, inscribed: Piccola si, ma fa pur gravi le ferite (rough trans.small but it makes deep wounds).

Medal in gold plated silver (vermeil), hallmarks for Paris Mint – fineness of .900 or higher silver. 28.5mm in diameter, slight contact wear but otherwise very good condition. Ribbon appears original, safety fastenery attached. Medal has excellent details, very rare in gilded version. Item Fra-267 *SOLD*

Legion dhonneur, 3 Republic. Officer in silver gilt, DELUXEquality. Excellent double raised suspension wreath (both sides are raised). Obverse is vaulted as compared to a slightly convex reverse. Condition is very good, one of the ball-tips is slightly bent and also enamel flaking on the raised wreath but definitly not detractive. Original ribbon with rosette is a bit faded. Complete with U stick pin. Hallmarked for silver fineness (head of boar) and also by the manufacturer but this proved to not be clear enough to be certain, we suspect it to be V. Lemoine. 42mm wide. Very fine.

Religious Marriage Medal, rare gilded (vermeil) version of the early vintage 1832-1841. This is one of the more attractive medals in the entire series. Designer A.DE PUYMAURIN D./ PETIT F.. Medal bearing well known quote from Matthew, chapter XIX: QUOD ERGO DEUS CONJUNXIT HOMO NON SEPARET (What God has brought together, let no man put asunder). Most excellent medal, bearing silver fineness hallmark of the Paris Mint (antique lamp was struck on medals and tokens) as used in the period stated above. Very clean, superbly detailed. 31.5mm in diameter.

Marriage Medal CONNUBIUM CHRISTIANUM 1880-1907 Paris Minthallmark (silver over .950 fineness). This is perhaps one of the largest medals in the series at 32mm . Designed by GAYRARD F.. It is unattributed (no engraving) making it quite attractive as a gift. Beautiful wreath of roses on the reverse.Excellent touch of patina (this can be easily cleaned since it is high silver content). A few little edge dings but nothing to detract from the overall appearance. Also, it is fitted for wear (perhaps fine silver chain around the neck) – which is quite rare.

Marriage medal, Christian. Nice early example designed by MONTAGNY F.. Non engraved! Silver, Paris Mint hallmark as used between1832-1841. Excellent condition, 29mm in diameter. This would make for a splendid marriage gift (especially when engraved), a classic!

Marriage Medal, silver – this is a non religious version. Engraved reverse: E.D.C. 3 Aout 1892. Designed by MONTAGNY F. Excellent condition. 28mm . Paris Mint hallmark for silver as punched between 1880-1907.

Christian Marriage Medal.These wonderful keepsakes were quite popular, made by the Paris Mint in high content silver. Reverse was blank, meant to be engraved (normally initials of the couple, sometimes dates). There were several designs of these medals created. Some were with religious conantation, others for love and long marriage – in the literature referred to as Love and Marriage medals (LAmour et la Mariage). Some of the best designers worked on these. The earliest examples struck in Paris Mint seem to have been around 1830s. Practice seemed to have stopped some time around the Great War era.

This is a nice un-engraved example as manufactured between1860-1879(hallmark: bee + ARGENT). 24mm in diameter. Since it is silver of .950 fineness, it would clean up nicely.

Order of Academic Palms, Officier d Linstruction Publique.Silver gilt, superb early quality. This decoration was instituted in 1808 as a University award. In 1860, the decoration was divided into 2 classes: golden and silver palms. Golden palms (as offered here) were awarded to teachers and professors on the National level, silver on the Individual academy level. This was further revised in 1866 when it became an official National level Order.

Set offered here comes with an original fitted case bearing stamp ofBoullanger, embossed in gold letters to the lid: Ministre de linstruction publique. Hallmarked with boars head for silver fineness and also by the manufacturer, this mark belongs to rather obscure firm: Edmond Charpentier (who was sub contracting for Boullanger). Truly excellent set, dating to early 1880s. Very good, slightly worn condition. Case shows age. Original ribbon with rosette. Badge measures 28.5 mm wide.

Officer of Academy Order, Officier dAcademie; silver palms.Complete with very nice fitted box of issue byKretly. Very good early quality, hand chased to increase appeal. Original ribbon. Hallmarked with the head of wild boar. Very good condition to all (ribbon lightly soiled). Palms measure 28.5mm in width. Circa 1870-1890.

Order of the Legion of Honour(Legion dhonneur). Restoration of Monarchy, 2nd period (1816-1830)Knight class in hallmarked silver (head of hare, which was used between 1819-1838). Earlier style crown with well defined fleur de lys atop. Centres crafted in gold, in good detail and condition. Some minor enamel preservation here and there. Ribbed eyelet and long original ribbon of very fine weave and moire. Reverse centre is of scarcer type where lilies are spaced far apart (we know of at least 3 variations of the said spacing). This type is very similar to the late 1st Restoration period (there was a crown atop the 3 lilies on the reverse) – those (1st Restoration) are definitely the rarest of all LOH insignia in existence. Truly nice example, beautiful patina throughout. Full sized to a regulation 44mm width.

Medaille Coloniale with MAROC service bar

. Paris Mint issue in silver. Both, medal and bar are hallmarked. Slightly worn condition with nice patina. Original ribbon. 30mm dia. Item

Legion of Honour, Knight class; 2nd Empire period (1852-1870). Silver, hallmarked and marked by V.Lemoine (partial mark). Nice example, enamel restorations. Crown filled with ribbon (practise done often during that period). Full sized, very good details to crown and gold centres. One of the tips slightly bent. 41mm wide. Original ribbon.

1917 Military nurses decoration (Insigne des Infirmieres Militaires)

. Award established on May 1st, 1917, awarded to nurses caring for wounded in the field hospitals. Surprisingly rare. Original ribbon and device. Manufacturers markings on the reverse, Arthus Bertrand (AB C). Excellent condition. (Ref.: Ribault/Caminade 2-063). Item Fra-254 *SOLD*

Colonial Medal, unusual type (1930-1945 period) by unknown manufacturer

(Medaille Coloniale type inconnu) . It is similar in size to examples produced by Bertrand yet details are more like some of the known examples produced by Chobillon. Suspension is marked METAL. 25mm in diameter, complete with ribbon. Shows age and some wear, details are good. Contours of the continents on the reverse are somewhat grotesque. It could very well have been locally produced for the French troops serving in the colonies. Interesting example.

Order of Military Merit (Ordre du Merite Militaire)

, button hole device for the highest class of the Order (Commander). Decoration was shortly lived (1957 – 1963) and very rarely awarded in the Commanders class. Please note this is original to te period (not newly manufactured). Quality is very fine, rosette is sided by the gold and silver tabs (denoting highest class). Rosette measures 6.5mm and overall width is 14mm. Reverse of the button inscribed Made in France.

Earlier vintage lapel rosette for the Officer in the Order of the Legion dHonneu

r. This example was likely presented during the earlier part of the 3rd Republic (1890s – early 1900s). Shows age and slight wear. Measuring 8.5 mm . Item Fra-251 *SOLD*

Legion of Honour, button-hole device for the 4th class

of the Order (Officer). Very good quality original as issued during 1920s or so. Shows wear. 8.5mm in diameter. Reverse of the button fastener reads Made in France. Suitable for all Officer class awards during 3/4/5 Republics. Item Fra-250 *SOLD*

Legion dHonneur, lapel pin for the Officers class

(IV). Fine quality for wear in a button-hole. Rosette is 5.5mm in diameter. Suitable for the periods of 3/4/5 Republic. Not a newly made item but rather proper award companion. Item Fra-249 *SOLD*

Medal for the Mutilated and wounded

, issued by the Union National de Mutiles et Reformes in the aftermath of the Great War. Medal is not official yet widely regarded. Silver (ed), complete with original ribbon as on the wounded awards. 27mm dia. Shows nice patina. Item Fra-248 *SOLD*

Tonkin-China-Annam 1883-1885 Campaign Medal in silver for the Marine (Navy etc.)

. Official issue by Paris mint (marked on the reverse) with olive shaped suspension. Medals with ball suspensions are known to be restrikes done later. Shows slight wear but details are still very crisp. Complete with original ribbon. 30mm diameter, 2.2mm planchet.

1914-1917 Croix de Guerre (War Cross) with 4 ribbon stars (1silver and 3 bronze). Silver star was added for the mention in daily dispatches on the Divisional level and bronze stars for same on the Regimental or Brigade level. Very nice War time issue in bronze. Original ribbon. Cross shows wear, has unusual thick ball suspension. 37mm wide. Item Fra-236 *SOLD*

Order of the Legionne dHonneur (Legion of Honour), 5th class (Knight – Chevalieur

), 3 Republic (1870-1947). Most superb, delux quality insignia with enamelled silver cross and multi part GOLD centres. Grooved trim to arms. Excellent details to all, enamels are near mint with only slight chipping (centre flags).43mm wide. Original ribbon. It would be hard to find much better example. Item Fra-235 *SOLD*

Mdaille dOrient – Medal for the campaign in the East, WW1

. Bronze by G. Lemaire/Lindauer. Paris mint marks (cornucopia and BR). 30mm dia. Excellent condition, original ribbon faded.

Order of Merit in Tourism Industry (Ordre du Merite Touristique)

, Knight class. This was an official award of the French state, issued sparingly in its relatively short life between 1949-1963. Very good and heavy quality in silvered bronze. Marked for Paris Mint. Original ribbon is faded. 46mm x 31mm, thick planchet (4.2 – 5.4mm). Comes with typical U type fastener. Surprisingly rare Order. Item Fra-233 (98)

. Issued to members of Napoleons Grand Army for actions during 1792-1815. Blackened bronze, good details. Originall issue ribbon, fragile but still reasonable (this is rarely seen). 49mm x 30mm. Very good condition. Item Fra-232 (125)

Decoration for the wounded military

. Type 2 round form, superbly detailed in burnished bronze gilt. Perfect enamels, wide loop suspension. Original ribbon. 32mm dia. Good example. Item Fra-231 *SOLD*

Wounded badge, this is as currently awarded – type 4

( as a result of the 1990-91Gulf War and recent actions in Afghanistan). Quality is surprisingly good. Enamels are perfect, so is the gilding. Original ribbon. 32.5mm in diameter. Difficult to find original manufacturing. Item Fra-230 *SOLD*

Medaille des Blesses Militaires (wounded medal)

, very first form of the 1st type!! Beautifully detailed open wreath (oak/laurel) with ties at the bottom. Red enamelled star superimposed. Original ribbon with 2 additional large stars (for the total of 3 wounds). Slight chipping to the enamel but not detractive. Lightly convex. Wreath measures 32mm, star 24.6mm. Ribbon stars are 12.5mm wide. This is the rarest type of the French wounded decoration! Item Fra-228 *SOLD*

Wounded decoration type 2 – rare variant

with small suspension (2 tiny balls) and lightly domed star. 9 small star devices on the ribbon are quite rare! Badge is of very good quality with well detailed laurel/oak wreath (laurel is on the left and oak on the right which is not so common). Gilded bronze, very good quality. Original ribbon and U type stick fastener. Very hard to find with so many stars. 35mm wide. Item Fra-227 (108) *SOLD*

1900-1901 China Expedition commemorative medal

. Awarded to French military (and few civilians) who participated in the suppression of the

as part of the Eight Nation Alliance. Medal was designed by famous silversmith/jeweller Georges Lemaire (initials visible on reverse just below 1901). Struck by Paris mint, silver hallmarks to rim and reverse of the clasp. Complete with original ribbon which shows age and some glue residue on the back. Double dragon suspension is surely one of the most attractive of any campaign medal. Age and light wear is apparent but overall rather well preserved. Please note that these medals are often copied, especially the bar (originals have to have silver hallmarks). Excellent original. 30mm diameter. Item Fra-224 *SOLD*

Decoration de Recherche Et Invention, decoration for Research and Invention

. Not much is known about the awarding criteria or the period. Appears to be French 3rd Republics vintage. Quality is good, complete with what appears to be an original ribbon. Eye is marked METAL. Awards design seems to be based upon Polish Cross of Merit (except blue enamelled arms and centre shield). Condition is very good, small chip at the bottom of the blue ribband. 41.6mm wide.

Ordre De La Liberation – Order for Liberation.This rare award was sparingly issued (various numbers exist but between 1038 and 1061 is the commonly accepted number). Order awarded in a relatively short period (16 November 1940 – 23 January 1946). Some of the most recognized names in French (WW2) history were the recipients, also foreigners to the likes of General Dwight Eisenhower and Sir Winston Churchill. 2 main types of the award exist, the cruder of the two – 1st type being pretty much impossible to find and super expensive. Offered here is a fabulous example of the 2nd type with enamelled cross (variation with painted cross also exists). Order is struck in bronze by the Paris Mint, bottom of the shield is properly impressed with the cornucopia and word BRONZE. Complete with original ribbon along with ball-tipped top bar suspension. Please note this is anORIGINALpiece as awarded. Many re-strikes and copies are being circulated on the markets, for this was a very important award to the French people. It ranked only second in importance, behind the Legion DHonneur. Order came in one class only. Recipients were addressed as Companion of the Order for Liberation. Badge shows slight wear and is nicely toned with age. Ribbon is quite faded, especially to obverse. Shield is 31.4mm wide and 33.5mm hight; sword 60mm long; ribbon suspension is 19.2mm wide. Planchet varies but it is 3.5mm at the thickest (except for the swords hilt and the crossguard where it is even thicker). Originals are rare on the market. Here is a perfect opportunity to own one. Item Fra-218 *SOLD*

Mdaille Commemorative du Maroc

– Commemorative medal for Maroccan campaign. Created in 1909 and awarded for actions between 1907 – 1912. Excellent striking in silver (marked for 950 fineness). Designed by G Lemaire. Original ribbon with U type stick fastener. Very good condition to all.

1915 Italian-French cooperation medal.

Fabulous design, drawing on National symbology – French Marianne shaking hand with Italian Italia Turrita. Winged Victory placing wreaths on their heads. Reverse fully inscribed: Italia e Francia, Latin Sangue Gentile (FRANCE ITALY – LATIN BLOOD). Dates: 1855, 1859, 1870, 1871 and 1915 indicating major military aid/cooperation between the two countries. Bronze gilt, complete with excellent – watermarked ribbon (appears original). 29.6mm dia. Interesting medal.

. Medal signed P. BOUVIER (for the Swiss sculptor Paul Bouvier, 1857-1940). Complete with bar and original ribbon. 25mm dia. Really nice medal, design is superb.

Silver Palms (Ordre Des Palmes Academiques), 1866-1955 type

. Manufactured in silver by Arthus Bertrand (marked). Circa 1930s. Some chipping to purple enamels on the reverse. Otherwise very good. Original ribbon and U type fastener. 30mm wide.

Academic Palms, Officer – 1955 type in original box of issue

. Silver gilt, marks for 1 Paris Mint. Some flaking to gilding. Box somewhat fatigued. Harder to find in this type than earlier awards. Enamels intact. 40mm x 31mm. Complete with original ribbon/rosette/fastener. Still awarded in this form. Item Fra-211 *SOLD*

. Lightly gilded, enamels intact. Hallmarked (wild boar head). This decoration was instituted in 1808 as a University award. In 1850, the decoration was divided in 2 classes: golden and silver palms. Golden palms (as offered here) were awarded to teachers and professors, silver to students for exemplary results. Example here features interesting details – hand chased leafs and large fruits. Excellent condition. Original ribbon and U type stick fastener. 40mm x 27.6mm. Item Fra-209 (48)

Bronze Medal of Honour for the non-military Naval/Marine services (Mdaille dhonneur pour le personnel non militaire de la marine)

. This award was founded in 1894 and modified in 1922. New form was brought in 1976. Offered here is the 1922 type. Awarded to C. Cantara in 1966. Relatively scarce medal, complete with original ribbon. Bronze (Paris Mint marked to rim). 27mm in diameter. Ribbon shows wear, medal in great shape.

1939-1945 Commemorative medal with LIBERATION bar.

Complete with original ribbon (lightly faded). Official Paris Mint issue in bronze. Medal in excellent condition. Original U type fastener.

War Cross, WW1. 1914-1918; type with slender and tapered sword hilts

. Complete with original ribbon and gilt star device (mention in daily dispatch on the Army Corps level). Bronze, fine quality. Suspension ball slightly bent. 38mm wide. Contact mark to reverse centre, otherwise very good condition.

Chevaliers Du Devoir (Knights of Duty) decoration

. Complete with ladies bow ribbon. Unknown vintage, 2 part construction. Attractive. 40mm wide. Reverse plain. No damage to enamels. One of the ball-tips slightly bent.

1864 – 1866. War Nursing Society (Societe Francaise De Secours Aux Blesses Militaires) service medal, 2nd class

. Original embroidered ribbon. Maker punch mark to reverse (SE). Excellent condition. 26mm wide.

WW2 Resistance medal (Medaille De La Resistance), type 2

(with larger inscriptions on reverse. Blackened bronze, original striking by Paris Mint (marked). Shows light wear, no damage. Original ribbon. 33.5 mm dia. These medals were not awarded after 1947 (with exception of posthumous awards).

Decoration for the wounded, 1920 regulation. Oval form (scarcer variety) of finest quality.

Laurel/oak leafs are very well executed, fine pattern under enamel. One tiny chip at 10 oclock. Bronze gilt. Beautiful ribbon (original). Lightly vaulted, single sided. Comes with box, reverse has ink inscription Blesse. 31.5mm dia. Excellent piece for a discerning collector. Item Fra-197*SOLD*

Colonial/Overseas Service Medal (Medaille DOutre Mer) – since 1962 with MOYEN-ORIENT bar.

Silvered type with original ribbon (shows wear, stains and some pulls). Comes in cardboard box. Details are very good, this type is often attributed to MOURGEON (manufacturer). 29mm in dia.

1939-1945 Commemorative medal with LIBERATION bar.

Complete with cardboard box. Shows age and wear, official Paris Mint issue in bronze. Ribbon soiled. Good example.

Cased Medal of honor for Regional, Department and Communal service – large type (Mdaille des Collectivits locales

. 2nd class awarded for 20 years. First type (1945-1990). Attractive medal with mural crown suspension. Original ribbon. Designed by G. CROUZAT. National mint issue (case marked) – boxed examples are hard to find, attractive design. Silvered. 38.5 mm wide.

Fouragerre of Medaille Militaire (French Military Medal).

Older vintage (WW2 period, perhaps slightly later). Excellent quality. Shows wear but no damage.

Fouragerre, Legion of Honour in Knight class

(silvered tip). US Army styled cord with no shoulder loops. Older example (late WW2, perhaps Korean War vintage). Shows wear but would go nicely on a display uniform.

WW1 Interallied Victory Medal – by C. Charles

. Laslos book categorizes this as the Unofficial – type 1. Manufactured in bronze by A. Chobillon in Paris (rim impressed bronze and familiar AC maker mark). Lightly worn condition, original ribbon is fragile and with pulls yet colours remain vibrant. Such medals are getting hard to find. 35.8 mm dia.

Military Medal – 3rd Republic (1870-1951). Medaille Militaire

. Good quality, Silver marks for 916 purity (horns of plenty +1) would indicate either WW1 or WW2 award. Good conditon, original ribbon. Enamels intact, nice example. Item Fra-177 *SOLD*

1939-1945 War Cross (1939-45 Croix de Guerre)

. Type E (variation) with pebbled centers. 37.6mm wide. Original ribbon. Cross in bronze. Very good condition. (Ref.: Ribault/Caminade 2-034/2).

1914-1915 War Cross (1914-15 Croix de Guerre)

. First type (least awarded). Good quality and thin planchet. 3 part construction. Old replacement ribbon (watermarked). Shows age and slight wear, centers lightly dented but not detractive. (Ref.: Ribault/Caminade 2-032/2).

War Cross, Vichy variety with regular ribbon and bronze star. Variation of type A with angular 3

and very wide band. Interesting example, 3 parts and pierced suspension with ring. 37mm wide. Item Fra-165 (90)

Campaign in Italy 1859 medal in silver

. Short original ribbon, medal made by Barre (marked to bottom). Shows some wear but overall good condition. Silver mark to suspension (eagles head). 30mm dia. Item Fra-161 (85)

Order of French Elite (?) Ordre De LElite Francaise.

Unknown (Fraternal) medal. Appears to be silver gilt, 32.5mm dia. Complete with original ribbon (faded). Reverse an old French proverb: Bien Faire Et Laisser Dire (many translations but the most common is : Work hard and dont listen to others criticism. Interesting medal. Item Fra-159 (70)

Italian Campaign 1859 Medal in silver by Barre

. This is the most common version of the medal. Shows considerable wear, complete with older replacement ribbon. Regulation size (30mm). Silver mark (eagles head) present but somewhat obscured by wear. Good example, priced accordingly. Item Fra-154 (60)

Medal of the: Societe Civile de Retraite et dassistance mutuelle

. Society of assistance to Retirees was founded in 1893 (as indicated on the reverse). 1st class of the award with wreath suspension (2nd class had simple ball suspension) and on Ladies bow-tied ribbon. Silvered bronze (only traces of silver plating remain). 28.5mm in diameter. Item Fra-153 (30)

WW1 Allied Nations token in silver and enamels.

Beautifully designed. Dated 1914-1915. Hallmarked with French silver (boar head) and Chobillions mark (AXC). Reverse stamped with word Depose – this was simply a design copyright mark. Enamels intact, shows light wear. Excellent piece for a WW1 collector. 25.2mm in diameter. Item Fra-140 (80)

1774 Medal of the Remiremont Chapitre (Chapter). Medaille du chapitre noble de Remiremont. Remiremont Chapitre (some call it the Order) originally founded in year 620, was a very important center for Ladies (canonesses) with highest levels of nobility (eight degrees of noble lineage). The monastery of Remiremont was the first womens monastery in Lorraine. The Abbess was elected by the Chapter and lived in the abbey palace. Other members – 50 canonesses, all of them being from the noblest families of France, Burgundy, Lorraine and the German Empire.

Medal featuring Order of Saint Louis insignia. Crosses of Chapters were distributed to members and important supporters and are very collectible. Often crafted in gold/silver and enamels. Medals were made for those with shallower pockets. Bronze, great details. 30mm in diameter, fitted for wear on breast ribbon.Very nice example and rare. Item Fra-139 (55)

Army Parachute Training badge 1st type

. Whole of the parachute showing, laurel wreaths. This type was issued from 1955 to early 1960s. Maker marked: Arthus Paris H.597 along with Bertrands punch mark to the pins retainer. Enamels and gilding intact. 47mm x 28mm. Item Fra-132 (30)

Army Parachute Training badge 2nd type (1960s).

Bottom of the parachute obscured by enamelled circles. Laurel/oak wreaths.Gilt/enamels intact. Hallmarked by Bertrand. 48mm x 27mm. Item Fra-131*SOLD*

Order for Civic Valour (Association de la Valeur Civique) – Grand Officer

. Bronze gilt and enamels, uniface. Original ribbon/rosette. Beautifully designed. Relatively rare award, given (not exclusively) for life saving. Good quality. Circa 1950-1970s. 44mm wide. Item Fra-124 (88)

Allies Association Medal (Medaille De La Fraternite Alliee).

Issued to WW2 veterans. Unsure if original ribbon. Bronze gilt, enamel. Shows wear. 40mm diameter. Item Fra-123 (55)

Agricultural Merit Order, Knight class. Contemporary issue in bronze gilt. Original ribbon. Very clean. Item Fra-115. (40)

. Bronze gilt anchor and silvered center disk. Numerous battle honors surrounding shield of swords. Markings to reverse: H 763 Andor 06 Le Cannet. Vertical pin for fastening. Appears to be 1950s vintage. Worn, good condition. 47.5mm x 33.5mm. Enamel intact. Item Fra-11 (35)

Red Cross ladies medal (circa 1880s)

. Oval silver medal inscribed: Union des Femmes de France. Raised logo to centre. Original ribbon with embroidered red cross. 23.5mm wide. Ball suspension. Very good condition. Reverse is plain. Item Fra-18 (48)

This decoration was instituted in 1808 as a University award. In 1850, the decoration was divided in 2 classes: golden and silver palms (like one offered here). Golden palms were to be awarded to teachers and professors, silver to students for exemplary results. In 1955, the Order was altered again into 3 classes (neck decoration of Commander was added) and its appearance slightly changed. Silvered bronze, enamels intact. Original ribbon faded. Lightly worn, no damage. 39.5mm x 29.5mm. Nicely detailed. Item Fra-24 (38)

WWI Veteran Commemorative Decoration.

Nice cutout design with original ribbon (somewhat faded). 26mm x 37mm. (22) Item Fra-25. *SOLD*

Social Aid Association recognition medal in silver (2nd class).

Original ribbon. Paris mint and silver hallmark to rim. Item Fra-36 (30)

Social Aid Association recognition medal, bronze (3rd class).

Paris mint and bronze hallmark to rim. Item Fra-37 (20)

Order for Agricultural Merit, Officer in silver gilt

. Well hallmarked (Chobillons mark and silver crab hallmark for small items. Coupl