How to Create Photo Name Badges in Word

Microsofts Word application is a word-processing software program that allows you to create various documents and templates, such as photo-name badges, for personal or professional use. Perhaps you have an upcoming reunion or a company event and you need to create badges for everyone. With Word, you can save money by using a ready-made name-badge template and the toolbar features to create your own customized photo-name badges.

Launch your Microsoft Word application and create a new document. Click File New.

Activate the name badge labels in Word. Click Tools Labels or Tools Envelopes and Labels. Continue by clicking the Options button in the dialog box and select the 5362 – Name Badge item to designate the template for name badges. Select an option to designate whether you want a full page of name-badge labels or prefer to have a certain number of name badges on the page. Click the OK button when finished.

Add your digital photos to the name badges. Click Insert Picture From File. Click on the inserted graphic and drag your mouse to re-size the image as necessary.

Type in the name on the badge by applying a text box. Click Insert Text Box. Double click inside the box to type in the text and then click on the box to position the name where you want it. You can specify any border properties youd like on the text box by clicking the Borders property on the Formatting Palette.

Format the text on the photo-name badge. Click Format Font. Alternately, you can use the Formatting Palette to designate a font face, size and style of the text.

Name and save your photo badges. Click File Save. Enter a name for your file in the dialog box and click Save when finished.

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