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For industries that need to manage receiving, storing, and shipping products and materials, the process of inventory management can be daunting. Yet, properly controlling, managing, and tracking inventory is a crucial function of the healthcare, education, government, warehouse, manufacturing, defense, and other industries that rely on employees to competently handle their goods and materials. Often, inputting goods and materials quickly and accurately occurs with mobile barcode scanning. This technology integrates well with inventory management software platforms.

The question is, which of these software tools and platforms are the best for your organizations needs? We have searched for those tools and platforms that include integration features, scalability, ease of implementation and installation, and reporting capabilities. The resulting list includes our picks for the 30 best inventory management software tools and platforms.

Please note: these software platforms are listed in no particular order

3PL Warehouse Manager, from 3PL Central, is easy to use and access at any time. The software manages the influx and outflow of good and materials throughout the entire inventory management lifecycle and the receiving, storing, processing, picking/packing/shipping, and returns processing phases.

Powerful reporting and status updates

Capabilities to increase profitability

Cloud-based warehouse management system

Intuitive design and 3PL-focused WMS features

Cost:FREE trial for 30 days; contact for a quote

2.Fishbowl Inventory Control Solution

Providing the most requested manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks, Fishbowl offers its Inventory Control Solution as an ideal software for companies needing an affordable inventory control solution that tracks tens of thousands of parts and products in multiple warehouses.

May be used with QuickBooks or as a standalone tool for organizations tracking assets

Best choice for small and midsize businesses

Flexible feature set and enormous library of training and support resources

Cost:FREE trail available; contact for a quote

IntelliTrack Inventory Software manages inventory and assets for every industry. With IntelliTrack, organizations easily collect, track, and manage inventory from anywhere because it helps keep the entire process automated. Designed to work with any type of barcode reading station, IntelliTrack is easy for businesses to implement.

Customize the software to fit your needs

Increases efficiency and reduce costs

Supports a variety of data collection methods

Detailed inventory and user control

Developed by CP Tech, DistributionPlus is a software solution for inventory management and purchasing. With DistributionPlus features, organizations have the option of offering additional services to customers through kitting and assembly capabilities.

Special order and non-stock item functions

Easily transport inventory between warehouses

Automated purchasing keeps inventory at optimal levels

Safety stock calculated for each item

Finale Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software for small to medium companies managing orders and tracking stock, whether using PC, Mac, iPad, mobile, or technologies. Because organization members access Finale from a web browser or a mobile device, employees have a consistent view of records from anywhere, any time, even in different locations.

Hosted in the cloud, so there is no installation or upfront cost

Make changes on site and access online inventory with mobile inventory software

iPad inventory management has full screen editing

Small: $99/month paid monthly or $999/year paid annually 3 users, 2,000 orders/month, 2 sublocations, 1,000 items

Standard: $199/month paid monthly or $1999/year paid annually 6 users, 8,000 orders/month, 10 sublocations, 30,000 items

Standard Plus: $299/month 20,000 orders/month, 4 mobile barcode scanner licenses

Enterprise: Contact for a quote 12 users, 35,000 orders/month, 400 publications, 100,000 items

Enterprise Plus: Contact for a quote for more users or capacity

SurgiCare Software specifically address the complex materials management needs of medical and healthcare providers. Their Medical Inventory Software manages all aspects of physical inventory including surgical preference cards, purchase orders, physical count, and more.

Supports multiple facility/site locations

Runs on any web browser, without any installation needed

Easily configures to adjust to current work procedures with no staff disruptions

Support staff provides free assistance in setting up the system and is available for training and support any time, at no additional cost

Cost:FREE trial for 30 days; contact for a quote

AdvancePro, an inventory management software system, aims to simplify the inventory management process and benefit all business stakeholders. From order management to purchasing, AdvancePro allows organizations to see current inventory levels at any time.

Inventory tracking features include setting reorder alert levels and generating vendor purchase orders based on customer ordering

Easily transfer inventory between picking locations or multiple warehouses

Print inventory reports based on FIFO, LIFO, or average costing methods

Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks

With Clear Spider, your organization can manage inventory the way you want. Track what you have, where you have it and monitor which products clients have and when its time to send them more. Clear Spiders inventory management software ensures accurate counts and cost-effective supply chain strategies to improve customer service.

Easy to use with user-friendly features and helpful automation

No hardware or software installations required

Seamless integration with other enterprise software

Unleashed helps companies accurately manage their inventory online and in real time. Unleashed works for one warehouse or dozens, as it delivers enterprise-level inventory management on any device, anywhere in the world.

Logical workflows and the ability to collaborate

Complete visibility with up-to-the-minute stock numbers and sales margins

Track stock across multiple locations

Lite: $35/month billed monthly 1 user, 500 products, 1 warehouse, 1 currency, unlimited customers and suppliers

Professional: $95/month billed monthly or $79/month billed annually 3 users, 10,000 products, 3 warehouses, multiple currencies, unlimited customers and suppliers

Business: $175/month billed monthly or $159/month billed annually 5 users (more available), 25,000 products, 5 warehouses (more available), multiple currencies, unlimited customers and suppliers

Enterprise: $115/month/user billed monthly or $99/month/user billed annually price per user, unlimited products, unlimited warehouses, multiple currencies, unlimited customers and suppliers

iMagic Inventory Software is a cost effective, flexible inventory control and invoicing software available for Windows. iMagic Inventory gives users quick access to inventory and customer details so organizations work efficiently.

TradeGeckos online inventory management software tracks and manages all stock levels across all warehouses and consignment locations. For inventory control, integrations with b2c and b2b sales channels, accountancy, and more, TradeGecko is a smart inventory management software solution.

Out-of-the-box integration with Xero, Shopify, Dropbox, and more

Full transparency and control over stock

Simplify all warehouse activities and automate processes

Gain real-time inventory visibility across all locations

Access inventory and sales reports based on real-time data

Anticipate demand and receive reorder alerts

Cost:FREE trial for 21 days; Contact for a quote

Brightpearl is inventory management software that makes it easier to locate inventory. Brightpearl automatically updates inventory levels and reorder status, letting you rest easier knowing that inventory levels instantly update across all of your channels.

Allocation of reserved items to prevent double selling

SKU information to improve picking, packing, and shipping

Professional, branded documentation

Starter: $299/month platform license first 3 concurrent users included, $99/user/month for additional concurrent users, up to 5 concurrent users, up to 1,000 orders/month, up to 5,000 SKUs

Business: $499/month platform license first 3 concurrent users included, $139/user/month for additional concurrent users, up to 10 concurrent users, up to 2,500 orders/month, up to 25,000 SKUs

Professional: $799/month platform license first 3 concurrent users included, $179/user/month for additional concurrent users, up to 25 concurrent users, up to 10,000 orders/month, up to 50,000SKUs

An inventory control and management solution, Inventory Pro manages all aspects of manufacturing, distribution, and inventory. Inventory Pro is available for Windows, on the web, for mobile, and for handheld scanners. Available in several editions, Inventory Pro meets the needs of a variety of businesses.

Interfaces with accounting programs from various venders

Custom interfaces to work with your business

Locator system allows you to name locations and use multiple warehouses

Locate and move, plus cycle counting

Suited to small and mid-sized businesses, Skyware Inventory is an affordable, easy to use, web-based solution for inventory management. Known for its flexibility, Skyware Inventory tracks inventory and fits the bill for inventory management needs.

inFlow has been used by nearly every industry, including wholesale, retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, and others, for inventory management. With a robust list of features, inFlow fits nearly any organizations inventory management needs.

Track products, inventory, orders, customers, and payments from one central location

Organize items by locations and sub-locations to track aisle and bin numbers

Use multi-user mode to collaborate in real time using the same database

Free Forever: FREE 100 products and customers, 13 reports, read-only multi-user mode

Regular: $399 unlimited products and customers, 25 reports, read and write multi-user mode

Premium: $799 unlimited products and customers, 30 reports, read and write multi-user mode

Stitch makes it possible to easily manage all of your inventory, even in multiple warehouses, from one location. A flexible software solution, Stitch provides a simple way to manage your business with a centralized inventory control solution.

Set separate stock quantities for multiple locations or pools of inventory

Push either total stock or a single warehouses stock quantity to a sales channel

Assign orders and purchase orders to individual warehouses

Cost:FREE trial for 14 days; Contact for a quote

NumberCruncher helps solve inventory problems with its comprehensive system for advanced inventory control. Whether at the office, in the warehouse, or on the web, NumberCruncher solutions give your team the tools they need to do their tasks faster, easier, and more efficiently. NumberCruncher is suited to small to medium-sized businesses that distribute, manufacture, assemble, and manage multiple warehouses.

Transfer inventory between locations and bins

Get granular inventory visibility by item, location, bin, and lot/serial number

Reduce recall loss with serial and lot number with expiration dates

Online inventory management software in the cloud, SalesBinder helps organizations manage inventory and check supply levels in real time. Multiple warehouses, offices, and retail stores are no problem with SalesBinder because it allows you to track all of your inventory by organizing everything into locations and zones.

Organize inventory items with custom attributes such as size, color, and location

View inventory levels globally or by location

Track important changes to data using Activity Feeds

Forever Free: FREE 100 records, 1 user account, access all features, limited email support

Bronze: $19/month 5,000 records, 5 user accounts, access all features, phone and email support

Silver: $49/month 25,000 records, 25 user accounts, access all features, phone and email support

Gold: $99/month 100,000 records, 50 user accounts access all features, phone and email support

ClearlyInventory is online inventory management software that you can customize, share, and access from anywhere. Because it is fast, secure, and easy to use, ClearlyInventory is a top pick for inventory management software by companies around the globe.

Because it supports multiple locations and users and makes it easy to manage product inventory and orders, Megaventory is a leading cloud-based inventory management software solution. Megaventory also produces fully customizable reports so organizations using it can stay on top of their inventory management processes.

Starter: $9.90/month 1 user, 1 inventory location, 300 production codes

Business: $49.90/month 5 users, 5 inventory locations, 5,000 product codes

Corporate: $99.90/month 10 users, 10 inventory locations, 20,000 product codes

21.Syncron Global Inventory Management

A solution for enterprises with tens of thousands of products in hundreds of locations, Syncron Global Inventory Management is built from the point of view of people who are planning these multi-echelon environments. Syncrons Global Inventory Management solution helps businesses develop inventory strategies to support business objectives to drive sales and profitability.

For inventory control, NetSuites inventory and warehouse management software allows organizations to consolidate your inventory systems into a single, integrated warehouse inventory control solution. Efficiently manage each stage of the product lifecycle and different lines of business by managing inventory levels and getting stronger control of inventory operations with NetSuite.

23.Mar-Kov Chemical Management System

Geared specifically toward chemical inventory management and warehousing, Mar-Kov Chemical Management System increases efficiency with wireless warehousing. Mar-Kov Chemical Management System also assists in container-level barcode tracking.

Ensures that mixed lots get sampled and retested

Support for customer defined labeling

Fine-tuned for container level inventory tracking of chemicals, components, and finished goods

Perform cycle counts and physicals without shutting down operations

From Brilliant Info Systems, Warehouse Management System (WMS) improves the efficiency of a companys warehouse operations. The WMS software packages provide solutions for inventory control, shipping and receiving, order fulfillment, and more.

ACCTivate! is an inventory management and control software rich in features. Designed for QuickBooks and Intacct, ACCTivate! is a powerful, affordable, and easy to use inventory management and control solution.

Cost:FREE trail available; contact for a quote

While most businesses look to Sage software solutions for accounting, more savvy organizations are choosing Sage 50 Premium for its long list of features to help manage their inventory. With its cost tracking, financial reporting, and inventory managing features, Sage 50 Premium is a smart inventory management software solution.

1 User: $39.95/month billed monthly or $359/year annual subscription

3 Users: $79.95/month billed monthly or $679/year annual subscription

5 Users: $119.95/month billed monthly or $999/year annual subscription

QuickBooks Enterprise includes inventory management built right in to make your organization more efficient. Complex inventory tasks are made easy with QuickBooks Enterprise; for example, complete advanced sorting by location, bin, lot, and serial number.

Easily see how many items are on hand, on sales order, on purchase order, and at your reorder point

Enter inventory data efficiently with a barcode scanner

Track items among multiple locations, including the bin level and serial or lot number

Manage all inventory tasks from within QuickBooks

Silver Subscription: starting at $1000 for 1 user license includes QuickBooks Enterprise software, full service plan, and advanced reporting

Gold Subscription: starting at $1300 for 1 user license includes all Silver Subscription features, plus QuickBooks Enhanced Payrool

Platinum Subscription: starting at $1600 for 1 user license includes all Gold Subscription features, plus Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing

Epicors Inventory Management Software System allows for lower carrying costs, minimizes excess or obsolete inventory, and improves cash flow. Organizations trust the data from Epicors software system and can transfer items between branches and track items at the local level.

A global leader in supply chain management, JDA Software offers JDA Inventory Optimization as its inventory management solution. With JDA Inventory Optimization, organizations get end-to-end capabilities for managing inventory strategy, planning, and execution.

Quickly adapt inventory policies and stocking strategies to addressing changing market conditions, business objectives, supply chain constraints, and more

Eliminate excess inventory and reduce costs

Develop inventory strategies that maximize profitability

Reduce stock-outs and excess exceptions with early warning and performance analysis

From NCH Software, Inventoria Inventory Software is a business inventory management and stock control solution. Inventory Inventory Software helps organizations manage and monitor inventory to streamline operations and boost profits.

Monitor and report stock levels, costs, and averages

View inventory levels by location, category, or overall

See when items were received or sold with product history

Import current inventory with a .csv file

Multiple users can log in from different locations with web access

Inventoria Corporate Edition: $159 fully featured, single installation license

Inventoria Business Edition: $139 all corporate edition features without multiple user or web access support

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