Made in USA and Assembled in USA?

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Know The Difference Between Made in USA and Assembled in USA?

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Made in USA. Three little words, with a not so little impact!These days, some companies will do anything to hide where their products are actually manufactured.  And they are getting clever. Companies will label their products as Distributed By ABC Corp and list a US address.  Others will label their products as Produced By ABC Corp and list a US address, seeking to obscure the origin of its products.  Some will only show the company name and address on the packages!

The product is assembled in the U.S. Most parts or materials are Made in USA. For a product to be called Made in USA, it must be all or virtually all made in the United States. This includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. All or virtually all means that all significant parts and processing must be of U.S. origin. The product should contain no or negligible foreign content.

Some materials or parts are Made in USA

Imported parts put together in the USA

This is an implied statement of American origin. Look for the fine print to see where the product was actually made. Without such a statement it is questionable at best.

Since this has no statement of American origin, actual or implied, it cannot be considered to be USA made.

Its too easy to add Made in USA stickers to a Foreign made product to make them appear to be USA made. Not to mention that falsely labeling a product as USA made is against the law.

A qualified claim describes the extent, amount or type of a products domestic content or processing; it indicates that the product isnt entirely of domestic origin.

Of course, the best way to know is if the product is Made in USA the United States Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and independent 3rd party Certification Source for Made in USA, Product of USA Country of Origin Claims. The CERTIFIED Technology team is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive, pioneering backgrounds in systems integration, software development, encryption, load balancing, electronic signatures, and data collections and national analysis all on a worldwide scale who have developed a proprietary system of certification authentication, big data recovery, and analysis.

Your customers will ask for USA-Made products because they know American manufacturing is a big deal it supports over 17 million jobs across the country and contributes over 12% to U.S. GDP. Buying products with the Made in USA label keeps those jobs going, and keeps our economy thriving. And, when you buy a product made in the USA, you can be sure youre getting American quality and not a cheap, foreign knock-off. So be ready to show customers youre Made in USA products. Learn more aboutMade in USA Certification. ORRequest a FREE Quote!

Have you come across some creative, yet deceitful labeling?  Let us know in the comments below.  If you have pictures, email them to us!

Source US Federal Trade Commission

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Know The Difference Between Made in USA and Assembled in USA?

My favorite deceptive claim is Designed in California or American design paired with manufactured in China.

How is that deceptive? Facts are facts.

Excellent article. 100% correct. When we worked in Niagara Falls, someone brought up a stuffed animal and we looked at the tag. A big blue tag with a bald eagle and above its head it read USA, fine print said Made In China. Despicable!

The distributed by is very confusing! I try to buy all made in USA products!

It seems like distributed by usually, if not always, means NOT American made? Is that accurate?

I am on the phone with Amazon as I write this, asking them why the people they allow to sell on their site are not required to put down country of origin. Even Ebay makes you do that. And when asked skirt around and give you fiber counts and how soft the foam is??? Shouldnt they be required to make suppliers enter this information when listing??

I worked in a plant that made plastics. It was assembled in the USA but the materials came from China. I quit that job

I used to work at Walmart in the electronics department, and we sold TVs from a company called Element. On each box was a very prominently displayed logo in red, white, and blue that said Assembled in the USA. Very misleading to our customers, but after a while they started to catch on to what it really meant. Elsewhere on the box in small print was, you guessed it, parts made in China or something to that end. Then again, this shouldnt be much of a shock coming from the land of all things foreign-made.

If we had a political system staffed by people who represented the American people instead of business interests, especially Wall Street, there would be clear legislatively mandated marks, but dont expect that since they refuse to do it on food, etc. BTW, the two non-Trump Republican presidential candidates have either worked or had a spouse who had lucrative jobs at Wall Street banks, and Ms. Clinton is joined at the hip to Wall Street, a slight example being the munificent fees for speeches at places like Goldman, Sachs while ha! these rich, sophisticated people hang on her every word so as not to miss any of her sage advice.

On the general subject of distinguishing foreign goods, the World Trade Assn. ruled within the last year that unless the US wanted to pay about $250 million (per year?) to Canada and Mexico we could no longer force meat importers from those countries to show the origin of that meat, and the U.S. immediately caved by agreeing not to do so, although it may not yet be in effect because the administrative side is moving at the usual glacial pace of the D.C. employees-for-life. But, none of it may matter since theres been a law for a number of years that meat and fish at retail has to show the country of origin, and I ask you how often do you see such a label in your supermarket?

Didnt I just recently hear that the good_for_nothings on Capital Hill passed something saying that we will no longer have labeling telling us where the mewilin grocery stores comes from ? I dont know about the rest of you but this frightens me !!

Can anyone help me with the definition of Product of USA? Ive looked for how that differs from Manufactured in the USA and cant find the distinction. Thank you!!

Why cant Boy Scouts of America uniforms be made in the USA? The used to be. There is still an American Labor merit badge for BSA, Ive taught it before when my shirt had an union label in the right hand shirt pocket. Not anymore.

Ive been seeing that the dog food labels are starting this crafted ? Trying to find food labeling is getting more time consuming! It should not take that long so many ways they list Ive just been putting back on the shelf

I bought some StriVectin-SD from Zulily and it says manufactured in the USA yet the one I bought at Macys says Made in the USA. Now I am afraid to use it.

In my industry there is a heavy reliance on imported metal parts. Part of the reason for that goes beyond just the price there are also elements of expertise and quality and that is important to me. I wanted to maintain some level of North American content, so I moved some of my production to the USA. Now my products provide work for some Americans. It is a global economy and that is how it works in my industry. I realize there are those who try various ways to cheat the system, but at the same time, if there is a US component to the manufacturing process and I want my customers to understand that and I place very specific qualified Made in USA claims on the products I am playing by the rules and I am not trying to be deceptive. I genuinely value the craftsmanship that my USA team instills in the product. Why wouldnt I want that known and where is the shame in that?

Exactly Ron! We do as well. We source what we can in the USA (injection molded parts) but in the electronics industry there is no way to buy displays and components that arent foreign sourced.

Solid Wood Cabinets are built in China. I didnt find out until they were delivered in boxes that said Made in China. The store has American flag stickers all over with a very small Built in written over the very large USA. I just wish I could remember if the sales person ever said the words Made in USA. When I complained, the Customer Service Rep was very quick to correct that the cabinets were built in the USA. It was obvious they had this type of complaint in the past and just as obvious that they are peddling a product to consumers by making them believe it is American made. The cabinets do appear to be well made with all plywood construction but what are they gassing off?

I bought a toilet seat from Lowes that says American Made and Assembled in the USA. First off, according to the FTC, American Made and Made In USA etc are interchangeable.

But why would they say it was made in the USA then say it was assembled in the USA? For a big company like Kohler it just seems like something is off.

And regarding your post about what Assembled in the USA means what you stated left out the context.

According to FTC: A product that includes foreign components may be called Assembled in USA without qualification when its principal assembly takes place in the U.S. and the assembly is substantial. For the assembly claim to be valid, the products last substantial transformation also should have occurred in the U.S. Thats why a screwdriver assembly in the U.S. of foreign components into a final product at the end of the manufacturing process doesnt usually qualify for the Assembled in USA claim.

Which makes me question how you actually qualify for the Assembled classification.

Mostly though I dont see how Kohler claims both.

Mattress ASSEMBLED in USA not made.

FTC regulations are vague and are not enforced evenly.

A French company can import parts from China, assemble them in France and label it Made in France then export to the USA, and our Customs laws are totally fine with this. But, American producers are penalized with having to make qualified statements.

Being absolutist about claiming Made in USA hurts American manufacturers. It puts them at a competitive disadvantage. Some component parts for certain products are not available here, and need to be imported. Be glad someone is building products here with imported or domestic parts. If they cant claim it, then one of the advantages of doing it here goes away building overseas becomes even more tempting.

Dont let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I think Made in USA should be clearly marked on food items from the USA.

This would allow health conscient consumers in the USA and Europeans avoiding to buy inadvertently generically modified foods.

I recently purchased a mattress by Serta I Comfort Blue Max 1000 Plush, the label has Blue Max 1000 PS Zip. Part 500801368-150 Queen Mattress. The law label reads its assembled in the USA. I purchased it from a retailer, The Mattress Center, it says Made By: SSB Manufacturing in Moreno Valley, CA. I asked the sales rep if it was manufactured in Ca and he said yes, but from reading other vendors online, some have Made in USA, why doesnt this law label say the same? the law label was also not stiched on, it had a blank piece stiched on and the adhesive label stuck to it. I just want to make sure that the product is what it is and not a knock off.

ACCOR Technogy East Wenatchee WA. advertises 100% made in America, most parts come from over seas. False advertising.

[] provides gray area. For example, definitions some companies use is that their product is Assembled in the USA, Made in the []

[] that are actually a bunch of imported parts with a small amount of U.S. value added. 1989 Merkur XR4Ti 2014 Carlisle Ford Nationals Merkur Club of America Preservation Award []

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