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Ruby on Rails is an open source full-stack web application framework written in Ruby. It follows the popular MVC framework model and is known for its convention over configuration approach to application development.

Incomplete response from application

Im getting Incomplete response received from application when testing my rails application. It disappears when I refresh the page.. I check my apache error logs and I found this line: [ W 2018-08-…

In Rails how to get the average of the substract of two datetime columns

I need to get the average of updated_at – created_at datetime columns I tried this way but it does not work as I expected: User.average(updated_at – created_at) It is giving this sql query: …

Why does `has_one` in rails require a foreign key?

Consider two tables Foo and Bar and consider models based on them. Now consider a one-to-one relationship between them. Foo contains has_one :bar in its declaration so that were able to access Bar …

rails_api_auth: creating a user record when logging in with facebook/google authentication

I am using the gem rails_api_auth for user authentication in my app. I realized that the user model is not created when the facebook authentication is used to create a login. A discussion of such an …

error: Styling master document from stylesheets defined in HTML Imports is deprecated

I have the deprecated message in Chrome console as [Deprecation] Styling master document from stylesheets defined in HTML Imports is deprecated. Please refer to link for possible …

I can not install ruby-oci8 on Deepin

I use the operating system Deepin. I want to install gem ruby-oci8 for Ruby on Rails. But I get such an error: Building native extensions. This could take a while… ERROR: Error …

Rails/Redux/Devise – Trying to log in user but along the way the value of currentUser becomes HTML string of the document

Im working on a Rails/React/Redux app using Devise for user authentication. Theres something fishy going on somewhere in between my login function and my receiveCurrentUser action where the …

how to configure highmaps of highcharts in ruby on rails?

I am trying to use highmaps in ruby on rails where I am trying to use world countries but I couldnt find the world.js file in highchart lib folder can someone help me how to configure highmaps in …

Rails Routing: Set specific controller action to a different path

I am looking to set the show action for a controller to a specific path (a path without the controller prefix). I know this can be done by controller by doing this resources :items, path: But is …

ActiveRecord or Postgresql Setting Wrong ID When Creating New Record

I am Rails 5.1 with Postgresql 9.6.9 on Heroku free tier. I recently was using a rake task with csv files to try to create a couple of batches or records. I then wanted to test the front end use and …

Heroku: Unable to load Rails schema on Postgres

I have spent days on this and am nearing my deadline. I cant figure out why my db:schema:load is failing on Heroku. Below are the details – any help is much appreciated: heroku run rails db:schema:…

Define specific route to nested resources

Ive been trying rails and I found myself with a very simple problem: I have two models, survivors and locations, and theyre nested resources in routes.rb Rails.application.routes.draw do …

webpack-dev-server re-render page or redirecting after axios POST

Ive got an app in rails5.2 + webpacker + vuejs inside docker containers. The issue is that after doing a axios.put(this.baseUrl + .json, obj) is redirecting or re-redering the page (not quite sure …

I have a Post object in my Rails app that I am trying to write request tests for. I keep getting an ArgumentError: unknown keyword: post error. Here is my request spec: require rails_helper RSpec….

Tyring to add followers to microposts, error: missing parameter microposts

I have been trying to add followers to microposts with the following controller: microposts_controller.rb : def follow @user = current_user set_micropost if er_id != current_user….

Print Button function in Salesforce

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If we imagine a world that functions without causality, how absurd could it be?

Plausible reason why my time machine can only go back a certain amount of time?

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Is there a way to make ext-filesystems use less space for themselves in Linux?

Publication: What to do about a high wordcount debut novel?

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