Rear Window Graphics

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There are hundreds ofrear window decals for trucks and carsto choose from but we make it easy to find the truck window graphic thats right for you by organizing them into categories! And if you cant find what you want… have us make acustom rear window graphicfrom your idea or photo! And since your safety is our top priority, Custom Vinyl Graphics is proud to announce we are theonlycompany to offerlaminationof your rear window graphic!Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do rear window graphic decals come in?

Car vinyl window decals come in three sizes to fit MOST vehicles (pickups, trucks and SUVs) from end to end, with no glass visible.

Unfortunately we do not have exact measurements for every vehicle make, year and model. We can give you an estimate but we cannot guarantee it. Since there is a 25% restocking fee if you order the wrong size, we recommend that you follow our simple instructions to measure your rear window.

Yes. Rear window graphics may be washed with normal soap and water by hand. They are also safe for most automated car washes. Use care if high pressure cleaning in a do-it-yourself carwash and hold the pressure washer no closer than 12 to your rear window truck decals and graphic.

Yes. Use of your rear window heater in both snow and rain is recommended and will not damage your rear window graphic. By using heat, you speed up the drying process of any water that may be temporarily suspended in the micro-perforations of your rear window graphic.

Yes, rear wipers can still be used on truck window decals.

Yes! Tint is applied to the inside of your rear window and rear window graphics are applied to the outside. Installing with tint will NOT affect your ability to see through the graphic.

You can but the warranty will be void. The opening and closing of the window will start to lift the edges of the graphic, therefore reducing its lifespan.

Read ourINSTRUCTIONSfor applying car back window decals.

No. Rear window graphics must be applied dry. Read our online instructions for applying rear window graphics.

Yes. While your rear window graphic has a permanent adhesive that will last for many years, it should come off simply by peeling it off, beginning at the upper left or right corner and proceeding to slowly remove it. Rear window graphics that have been in place for more than 6 months may take slightly more force to remove or require the use of a plastic razor.

Do NOT use ice scrapers on your rear window graphic. Do NOT use abrasives or solvent cleaners on your rear window graphic. Do NOT use a powerwasher to wash your truck window graphics.

Yes, we offer custom rear window graphics that can be personalized with you own photo, logo and/or text.Read more.

Our see through rear window graphics and custom see through window graphics are printed on perforated vinyl. Perforated vinyl isnt solid. It has lots of very tiny little holes in the vinyl. So, when viewing the image from outside the vehicle, your eyes absorb the light being reflected off of the printed image. Your eyes ignore the holes and just see the design. But from inside the vehicle, because the adhesive side of the graphic is black, your eyes absorb the light reflected off objects outside the vehicle, and see through the window as if nothing is on it. See through rear window graphics are the best of both worlds because you get the look you want, with the safety you need.

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