Stock Size Tags Made in USA Labels

Our stock woven labels are woven in taffeta in black on a white background. They can be shipped in 1-2 days and their quality is excellent, just as the rest of our custom products.

We currently carry clothing size tags and made in usa woven labels.

Consumers are motivated to buy American by patriotism and consumers are concerned about the birthplace of the products they choose.

Labeling the items you make with ourMADE IN USAlabels will give your customers piece of mind and they will feel good about promoting a company that makes their items in the USA.

Meet the requirements to label the items you make with a MADE IN USA label.

You can have one main label and have the size identification separate to save on cost, if you want to do this, just click on any of the links for thewoven size labelswe have in stock. We will ship them to you on the same day if ordered by 1pm PST.

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