What Should I Put on My AsseTags?

Typically, asset tags include your organizations name, the barcode, and the human readable (whats encoded in the barcode) below it.

We recommend putting PROPERTY OF on the first line and the name of your organization on the second line. This shows ownership so there is no question that the asset belongs to your organization.

For the asset number, we recommend using a serialized naming convention.

Control and identification of an asset is generally accomplished using a serialized asset number. This number is used as the primary key in the asset database. Whenever you scan the asset all the information for that record will be displayed (Asset Type, Model, Serial No., Branch, etc.), eliminating the need for intelligent identifiers. Most customers use a simple, incremental number. If you estimate that you wont have more than 100,000 assets, we recommend starting with Asset ID 100001, then 100002, then 100003, etc. Just want to make sure not to use leading zeros (000001 for example) as MS Excel reports often drop leading zeros.

Other benefits of using a serialized naming convention include:

Ease of manual entry if needed. If you use an ID like TScan_T40_BR40_SerialNo. and for some reason the barcode is damaged it would be extremely difficult to key in this as opposed to a simple serialized number.

Prevents issues if anything changes. If the asset moves to another branch, it doesnt matter if you use a serialized number. If you use TScan_T40_BR40_SerialNo., youre stuck with it.

Makes adding and tagging new assets easier. All you need to add another asset is the next serial number, allowing you to print asset labels in advance of knowing what the new assets will be.

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